The 7 Best WATERPROOF Motorcycle USB Chargers


According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), there were over 8 million registered on-road motorcycles in the U.S. in 2018, and this number has been trending upward for years. There are a number of reasons why motorcycles are such a popular mode of transportation: they are fun to drive, easier to park, consume less fuel, and for many owners, they are simply more economical to own.

Whatever the motivation for owning one, today’s motorcycles can be fitted with modern amenities that are comparable to those found in popular automobiles. One such feature, which should be considered a must-have in our technology-driven world, is the ability to charge smartphones, GPS systems, and other devices while out on the road, no matter the weather conditions. Keep reading as we discuss the seven best waterproof motorcycle USB chargers currently available on the market, whether you’re taking your bike for pleasure rides or commuting to work.

The 7 Best Waterproof Motorcycle USB Chargers

A growing number of new motorcycles come equipped with USB charging ports incorporated into their instrument panels straight from the factory, but the majority of modern and vintage motorcycles on the road today require the use of after-market accessories to charge cell phones and similar devices.

This is where USB chargers come in, and unless you plan to only take your motorcycle out for a ride in fair weather, the best and most prudent choice is to go with a waterproof one. And when considering the best waterproof motorcycle USB chargers for your bike, these seven are a good place to start.

BlueFire 5V/2.1A Dual USB Charger

BlueFire motorcycle handlebar charger

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The BlueFire 5V/2.1 A dual USB charger features rugged construction to withstand even the most extreme of riding conditions. Highly durable ABS materials make this unit fire-retardant while providing maximum safeguards against corrosion. The cigarette lighter socket is insulated with ceramic materials for double protection.

Charging Ports2 x USB1 x Cigarette Lighter
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.1A per USB Port
Connection TypeHard Wired
Cable Length57” (145 cm)

This charger has dual USB ports for charging multiple devices, as well as a cigarette lighter port that accepts a myriad of adapters (it can even be used as an old-fashioned cigarette lighter). All ports are protected by tight-fitting covers that provide protection against the elements, be they weather or dust, to enable worry-free charging even while riding in the most inclement of conditions.

Other notable features of the BlueFire waterproof motorcycle USB charger include:

  • A built-in display that shows the currently available battery power
  • An independent on/off switch to avoid draining the motorcycle’s battery when it’s idle
  • The unit’s wiring harness features an integrated fuse to protect the motorcycle’s electrical system
  • The multi-positional bracket  that allows the charger to be mounted on a wide range of handlebars

With its appealing price point and straightforward installation, the BlueFire USB charger is a solid choice for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels.

Chafon USB Fast Charger

Chafon USB Fast Charger

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The Chafon USB fast charger is another waterproof motorcycle charging system that packs a lot of features into its compact housing. In a nod toward newer devices, this unit features a standard USB port but also sports a newer USB-C port that accepts reversible cable connectors.

Charging Ports1 x USB 3.01 x USB-C
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.4A per USB Port
Connection TypeSAE Connectors
Cable Length40” (101 cm)

With its snug rubber cover and durable housing, this charging unit is built to withstand harsh riding conditions while providing reliable, worry-free charging for devices of all types. The Chafon USB fast charger is also engineered with safety in mind and features:

  • An integrated on/off switch to power down the charging unit when the motorcycle is idle
  • Built-in safety features to prevent overcharging, overloading, and electrical surges
  • An LED voltage meter that displays real-time battery strength
  • SAE quick-connect leads to the battery and to the charging unit

This waterproof USB charger is versatile enough to mount in various ways, including on the handlebars, the mirror bar, and on the chassis. Included mounting hardware include zip-ties, screws, and a mounting bracket. With the SAE quick-connectors, the Chafon charger can even be removed and kept in a pocket or backpack when not in use.

iMESTOU Wireless (Qi) USB Phone Charger

iMestou Wireless Motorcycle Phone Charger

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The iMESTOU USB phone charger represents the latest in motorcycle charging technology and features wireless capability housed in a rugged, weatherproof platform. With its unique four-corner locking mechanism that securely grasps devices, this unit can accommodate a wide range of sizes, including the latest iPhones and Android devices.

Charging Ports2 x USB
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.1A per USB Port
Connection TypeHard Wired
Cable Length60” (152 cm)

One of the unique features of the iMESTOU charging system is that it is a hybrid charger that allows for:

  • Wireless (Qi) 15-watt charging capability with a sensitivity range of up to .3” (8 mm), meaning that even phones in thick cases can be charged wirelessly
  • Alternatively, phones can be charged via a USB cable using the built-in USB 3.0 charging port

Other notable features of this unit include:

  • The four-corner locking mechanism keeps devices securely fastened to the charging platform and can be fully rotated for optimal viewing
  • The quick-release mechanism can be operated with one hand to retrieve devices effortlessly
  • The hidden, waterproof power switch has three positions: wireless charging, cable charging, and off (to conserve the motorcycle’s battery)
  • Clamp-style bracket ensures a secure fit on a wide range of handlebar thicknesses

For state-of-the-art wireless charging and unparalleled versatility, the iMESTOU waterproof motorcycle USB charger is a stylish but highly functional choice that covers all the bases.


Mictuning Waterproof Motorcycle USB Charger

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The MICTUNING waterproof USB charger is as no-nonsense and straightforward as motorcycle chargers come. If bells and whistles mean something to you, then this is not the right USB charger to consider. But as scores of satisfied buyers can attest, the minimalist design of this unit does nothing to detract from its reliable performance. 

Charging Ports1 x USB
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.1 Aper USB Port
Connection TypeSAE Plug-In Option orHard Wired Option
Cable Length47” (119 cm)

Unlike the other USB chargers on this list, the MICTUNING charger does not have an independent power switch to prevent battery drain when the bike is idle. However, its thoughtfully designed wiring harness allows for fast and easy disconnecting of the charger’s SAE plugs (one end goes to the unit, and the other goes to the motorcycle’s battery). An inline 10A fuse ensures that connected devices are fully protected.

Mounting this unit is simply a matter of fastening the ABS body to the handlebars or mirror bar with zip-ties or screws. With complete portability in mind, this unit can also be completely detached and is compact enough to be placed in a jacket pocket.

NEWekey Phone Mount with USB Charger

NEWekey Phone mount with USB charger for Motorcycle handlebar

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The NEWekey phone mount with a fully integrated USB charger combines a rugged mounting platform with a waterproof USB charger to provide an all-weather charging solution for riders of all types. This unit features aluminum construction in an eye-catching red metallic finish to provide a hybrid mounting-charging system that looks as good as it performs.

Charging Ports1 x USB
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.5A per USB Port
Connection TypeHard Wired
Cable Length59” (150 cm)

One of the NEWekey’s most notable features is its vise-like mounting system that securely cradles virtually any make and model smartphone in its silicon-coated jaws. With its unique thumbscrew adjustment knob, this unit can accommodate device widths ranging from 2.5 to 4.3 inches.

Here is a look at key additional features that make this USB charger a solid choice for any motorcycle:

  • The platform’s mounting bracket can accommodate various handlebar (or even mirror bar) sizes
  • An independent on/off switch allows the unit to be powered off when the motorcycle is idle to conserve the bike’s battery (and an LED indicator light shows when the charger is drawing power)
  • A ball and socket joint incorporated into the mounting platform allows a phone to be rotated 360° (e.g., from portrait mode to landscape)
  • A built-in fuse in the wiring harness protects a connected device from potentially damaging voltage surges

With its thoughtful design and purpose-driven features, the NEWekey waterproof motorcycle USB charger and the mounting platform is a complete solution for riders and their devices.

Vemote Cigarette Lighter + Dual USB Charger

Vemote combo-charging unit for motorcycles

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The Vemote combo-charging unit allows riders to charge devices via two USB ports or through a cigarette lighter socket. All of these charging options feature robust protection against the elements, including precipitation and dust. One USB port offers normal charging at 1.5 amps, while the other USB port features rapid 3.0 amp charging capability.

Charging Ports2 x USB1 x Cigarette Lighter
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage3.0A for USB Port #11.5A for USB Port #2
Connection TypeHard Wired
Cable LengthN/A

Aside from charging versatility and overall dependability, the Vemote motorcycle charger is also engineered with a host of safety features that are designed to protect connected devices as well as the motorcycle’s battery. These thoughtfully appointed details include:

  • Independent power switch to turn off the charger when not in use (to prevent battery drain)
  • 20-amp safety fuse mounted in the back of the unit (in a waterproof casing) to protect connected devices against electrical surges
  • Red LED displays battery voltage for real-time monitoring of battery health 
  • This unit is constructed from flame-retardant materials throughout, including ABS, aluminum, and ceramic 

This waterproof motorcycle charger can be installed on either the handlebar or mirror bar for customized placement to suit any rider’s personal preferences.

Yonhan 4.8A USB Charger

Yonhan USB Charger for motorcycles

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Despite its diminutive size, the Yonhan 4.8A USB charger packs in a lot of charging power and functionality into its compact body. The dual USB charging ports are resistant to water, dust, and other elements, making this charging unit an ideal choice for the everyday rider.

Charging Ports2 x USB
Voltage5V per USB Port
Amperage2.4A per USB Port
Connection TypeSAE Connectors
Cable Length40” (1 meter)

This is a no-frills charger that may not garner many accolades for its aesthetic appeal, but its functional elements check most, if not all, of the key boxes for waterproof motorcycle USB chargers. These include:

  • Integrated on/off switch that allows the charger to be turned off to protect the motorcycle’s battery life
  • Built-in LED voltage meter that displays real-time power remaining in the battery
  • SAE connectors allow this USB charger to be connected in minutes
  • 2.4 amps per USB port allow for rapid charging of connected devices

One of the most appealing aspects of the Yonhan USB charger is the flexibility it affords in its installation. This unit includes hardware and instructions for mounting the charger in three different ways:

  • Handlebar bracket mounting – the included bracket can be affixed to the handlebar near the grips closest to either hand
  • Handlebar zip-tie mounting – using the two zip-ties, this charger can be mounted at or near the center of the handlebars for effortless monitoring while riding
  • Flat bracket mounting – the bracket can also be permanently installed onto the body of the motorcycle for discrete mounting of the charger

Whether cruising down the highway or commuting to work, the Yonhan USB charger will ensure that vital devices connected to your motorcycle are kept charged and running.

Things to Look for in a Waterproof Motorcycle USB Charger

Wet motorcycle on the road
Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomzuhumakezutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Zuhair ahmad<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomsphotosmotorcycle rainutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Unsplash<a>

Although the purpose of a waterproof motorcycle USB charger is simple and straightforward, there are key features to look for when considering charger options, including:

  • An independent power switch to turn off the charger when not in use (or a quick way to disconnect the unit from the battery)
  • Safety features designed to protect connected devices, such as an integrated fuse
  • Charging speed and power (as indicated by voltage and amperage)
  • Secure mounting options for the charging hardware
  • Number and types of charging ports
  • Overall reliability and weatherproofing

The type of riding may dictate the type of charger needed. For instance, a bike used for daily commuting may require a charging system with multiple ports and robust weatherproofing and mounting hardware. In contrast, a motorcycle that is taken out for an occasional leisure ride on weekends may call for a compact charger with SAE disconnects that can be kept in a jacket pocket when not in use.


Whether it’s taking the bike out for a weekend ride or going down the street to pick up some groceries, carrying certain devices like a smartphone or GPS system is indispensable for motorcycle riders. Having a reliable, waterproof USB charger for your motorcycle is more than just a trendy accessory. 

It is an important measure for ensuring that riders everywhere stay connected no matter where the road leads.

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