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When I go on motorcycle rides with my girlfriend, it’s almost always a pain trying to speak to her through my helmet and the wind.

One time, I ask her if she needed to “wanted to take a break” and she thought I said, “watch your weight”.

The conversation that followed was awkward, as you can imagine. 

Eventually, I snooped through intercoms on Amazon and came across the Vnetphone v6. Skeptical at first because of the abnormally low pricepoint, I bought it anyway because I was on a budget. But I still had a lot of questions.

Would it have decent features?

Be loud enough?

Would it ever lead to weird conversations with my girlfriend?

Would I hear GPS over wind noise?

But it turned out to be an incredible investment. Because here’s what I found out.

Product Description

Vnetphone V6

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The Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth intercom is specifically designed to help skiers and motorcyclists communicate while riding or skiing. You can also use the intercom system to listen to music and get GPS directions.

But Why the Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth?

The Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth intercom boasts of a wide variety of outstanding features making it the best interphone headset for less than $100. Here are a few aspects that stood out to me.

Maximum 1200 meters talking range: With the Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth interphone helmet kit, you can communicate with your pillion and other riders within a range of 1200 meters. While testing it out, I could clearly hear my girlfriend from 1 km away (which is pretty impressive).

Full Duplex Intercom for six riders simultaneously: With this Bluetooth intercom system, you can easily connect to five other riders. The only disappointment is that there is no group chat functionality. You’re only limited to one conversation at a time.

Bluetooth 3.0: The Vnetphone V6 intercom is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. Whether it’s your cell phone, mp3 player, or your GPS, configuring the intercom device is a breeze. And once connected, the Vnetphone V6 interphone will always automatically connect and sync to your devices when powered on.

Wireless Hands-Free Communication: This Bluetooth intercom is built to keep you safe while riding. It automatically answers your phone, which provides a convenient and safe riding experience. The Vnetphone V6 intercom device can also be used to guide visually impaired skiers to avoid serious accidents.

Built-in 550mAh Polymer Battery: The large capacity lithium-ion battery allows you to stay connected for extended periods (up to 8 hours call time and 150 hours standby). If you’re like me (I use my intercom for a maximum of 2 hours a day), you may only need to charge it twice a week.

ESP echo reduction and noise cancellation guarantee: With the Vnetphone V6 Bluetooth Intercom, you don’t have to struggle to hear what your caller is saying. The mic’s windproof design and headset ESP noise reduction design ensure that your conversations are crisp clear. At times, my girlfriend doesn’t even realize I’m on my bike (the audio is so clear). It’s better than my Samsung Galaxy s9.

Weatherproof Design: It would suck if you invested your hard-earned cash on an intercom device only for it to get damaged by a few drops of water. The Vnetphone V6 interphone system Is level 5 waterproof and can prevent rain, splash, fog, and sweat from damaging it.


Vnetphone V6

I bought my Vnetphone V6 BT intercom system from Amazing Buy. The package contents included:

  • User manual
  • 2 Bluetooth intercoms
  • 2 Bluetooth headsets with mic
  • 1 charging cable for each device
  • 2 Allen keys/ Screwdriver
  • 2 Clip mounts
  • An Extra pair of Velcro stick-on (in case you need to use the system in different helmets)

Setting Up the Vnetphone V6 BT Intercom

Installing the Bluetooth kit to your helmet is a breeze. I tested it out on five different helmets and didn’t experience any challenges installing it.

First, remove the side padding from your helmet.

Next, install the speakers and mic in the helmet. Use Velcro to attach each speaker to the helmet.

From there, attach one clip-mount to the left cheek edge of your helmet (Choose a position that you’re comfortable with).

Return padding to conceal cables.

Attach the Bluetooth interphone device to the mount and connect headphones. To attach the Bluetooth device, slide it in until you hear a click sound. The clip mounts are made in a way that you can easily detach or attach the Bluetooth device.

After installing the other device on your partner’s helmet, set up the devices.

To get started with the device, long-press the rider button to switch it on.

To connect to your phone, continue pressing the rider button until the light starts flickering.

Search for Bluetooth devices on your phone and connect to the Bluetooth intercom.


To pair two Vnetphone V6 BT intercom devices, switch on both devices at the same time. Keep pressing the rider button on both devices until the blue and red lights start flickering.

Next, press the rider button on one of the devices. After several seconds, the lights on both devices will become perfectly synchronized indicating a successful pairing.

To make a call, press the rider button to establish a connection with another device.

To cancel an incoming call, press the green call for two seconds. If you don’t, the Vnetphone BT intercom will automatically answer the phone for you.

Want some GPS help? Access your phone assistant by pressing the green call button twice.

The one downside with his device is that you cannot listen to GPS and talk to your partner at the same time. You can, however, listen to GPS and music at the same time.

Pros & Cons


  • Great speaker and mic quality (Great sound quality)
  • Great battery life
  • Compatible with GPS navigation
  • Automatically answers incoming calls
  • Good build quality
  • Waterproof
  • Integrates with helmet well
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Works well with ‘Siri’ and ‘OK Google.’


  • Cannot listen to GPS and talk to each other at the same time
  • Buttons are too small (It’s hard if not impossible to find buttons when wearing riding gloves)
  • Mounts easily break.
  • The Bluetooth device doesn’t lock on well on the mount.


The Vnetphone V6 is a great option for a budget Bluetooth intercom system. For a small price you get a pair of devices, we think this device is a worthy purchase. For such a low price, you’ll enjoy features reserved for the more expensive intercom systems.


The Vnetphone V6 BT Intercom device is one of the best budget Bluetooth interphone devices you can get your hands on right now. If you want to enjoy high-quality audio and crisp, clear conversations even at high speeds, without spending $200, this is the communicator for you.

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