Are Motorcycle Speakers Waterproof? Should they be?


Nearly 8.3 million people in the United States are licensed motorcycle riders. Many people ride for enjoyment, while others use a motorcycle as their main form of transportation.  Some motorcycles are equipped with speakers, which allow the rider to enjoy music while they are riding. The speakers on a motorcycle are different than those in a car.

When installing speakers on a motorcycle, it is important to make sure you choose a waterproof option. While it is preferable to ride a bike in pristine weather, there are times the weather can change, and you will find yourself in a storm riding. Moisture will ruin non-waterproof speakers. 

This article will learn about waterproof speakers for motorcycles, the types of speakers, the best options, and the average cost of waterproof motorcycle speakers.

Why are Motorcycle Speakers Waterproof?

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Typically, you ride a motorcycle in ideal weather conditions, which do not include any form of precipitation. While this is a perfect situation, there are times that weather can unexpectedly change, so you need to make sure your bike is equipped with the proper equipment.

The speakers on a motorcycle need to be waterproof because the chance of them being exposed to the elements is great. If you have motorcycle speakers that are not waterproof, you run the risk of damaging them, which will likely render them useless. 

Are all Speakers Waterproof?

It would help if you were very cautious when purchasing speakers for your motorcycle because they are not all created equally.  Like any electronic device, there is top of the line and budget models.  When searching for motorcycle speakers, you need to make sure they are waterproof. A simple oversight of this feature could end up costing you a significant amount of money in replacement costs. 

If you are planning to avoid precipitation at all costs during your rides and ensure that you will never expose the speakers to moisture, you may be able to get away with non-waterproof speakers. While this may save a bit of money at the onset, you will need to be very thoughtful of the conditions you will be in. 

Types of Speakers

When you begin to search for the perfect motorcycle speakers, you will need to narrow it down to the best type for you. Lucky for you, there are only two options: handlebar and helmet-mounted. 

Handlebar-mounted speakers are going to be easy to install. However, you need to remember they will be fixtures on the bike that will be exposed to all the elements you encounter when riding.  

Helmet mounted speakers are also popular when it comes to motorcycle speakers.  The advantage to this type of speaker is that it does not become a fixture on your bike, but it stays on your helmet as you are riding. However, the speakers are also exposed to the elements that you ride in. 

(Source: The Drive)

Which is Better?

One speaker is not necessarily better than the other. However, one speaker may meet your needs better than the other. If you are the type of person that does not want to add anything to your bike, helmet-mounted speakers would better serve you.

If you are the type of person who loses your helmet or does not like to have anything extra attached to it, you may want to stay away from speakers connected to your helmet. In the end, it comes down to personal preference when choosing the best motorcycle speakers.  

How Are They Attached?

Handlebar speakers are easily attached to the handlebars with simple clamps. This allows for ease of installation, but it also means that the speakers do not have to be a permanent addition to the bike. (Source: MTX)

Helmet speakers are attached to the inside of the helmet and are not visible from the outside.  There are different helmet speakers’ styles; some attach to both sides of the helmet, while others only connect to one side of the helmet. Personal preference will play a role in which you decide on.

What to Look For

Lexin Motorcycle speakers

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Purchasing motorcycle speakers is not a huge deal. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind when looking. 

  • Amount of use
  • Price Point
  • Sound quality
  • Ease of Attachment
  • Bluetooth
  • Waterproof

Amount of Use

When purchasing motorcycle speakers, you need to determine how often you are going to be using them.  If you are only riding your bike a few times a year, you will likely want to stick to basic speakers. However, if you are a frequent rider, you may wish to get a higher quality model that will last longer. 

Price Point

Like anything, there are different price points when it comes to motorcycle speakers.  While the price point may indicate a higher quality product, this is not always the case, so you must do your research before purchasing. You can expect to spend between $10 – $400. 

Sound Quality

The quality of sound you receive from the speakers is going to be important. If you spend time on long rides, the sound quality will likely be more important to you. This will be especially important if you rely on handlebar speakers that will be competing with road and wind sounds. 

Ease of Attachment

Attaching motorcycle speakers is not a huge challenge, but you will want to make sure the mount will properly fit your motorcycle. It is important to have a properly fitted mount so you do not damage the handlebars. You will also want to make sure the speakers fit inside your helmet properly since all helmets are shaped differently. 


You need to consider how you want to send music to your speakers. If you plan to stream music from your device, you will want to make sure the speakers are Bluetooth compatible. Although it is a common feature, it is not standard for all speakers. 


You want to make sure you have a set of waterproof speakers for your bike. While you may not think you will be traveling in the elements, the weather is not always predictable.  There are a variety of ratings when it comes to waterproof features. You will need to choose the best option for your needs. 

When purchasing your motorcycle speakers, you may have other important things, such as the size of the speakers, volume level, and specific finishes on them. While all those things are important, the speaker’s quality is going to be of utmost importance. 

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Speakers

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When choosing the “best speaker,” it is based on your individual needs. Some of the most highly-rated waterproof motorcycle speakers are:

GoHawk: handlebar mount

Lexin LX-S3: handlebar mount

FreedConn: helmet mount

FodSports: helmet mount

While these are some of the best options, there are many on the market to choose from.  When you are searching for something you may not have a lot of knowledge of, the best rule of thumb is to ask the experts. Any motorcycle shop will likely be able to point you in the right direction for quality speakers.

Final Thoughts

Installing speakers on your motorcycle or helmet can add a layer of comfort to an already enjoyable hobby.  Not only can speakers provide you entertainment on a trip, but they can also allow you to communicate with other riders.  When searching for the best speaker, make sure it is waterproof to ensure it will be a lasting feature. 

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