Does Redex Work On Motorcycles? What does it do?


If you want to get a boost in your motorcycle performance, you may have started looking into using a fuel additive. There are plenty of these additives and cleaners on the market, but Redex is one of the more popular ones. Of course, you’ll need to know, does Redex work on motorcycles?

Yes, Redex will work on motorcycles. In fact, you can use Redex in any combustion engine including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, even lawnmowers. It is important to adjust the amount you add proportionally to the size of your tank.

Knowing you can trust Redex in your bike is an important first step. But is it really worth adding to your bike? And if so, just how much should you add to be safe and effective. We’re going to lay out everything you need to know about adding Redex to your bike. 

What Does Redex Do For Motorcycles?

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As you drive your vehicle, deposits of gunk can build up on the fuel injectors. This gunk gets in the way and impairs how well your injectors are spraying strong jets. The more gunk that builds up, the worse your engine performs. This is worsening your fuel economy and ultimately costing you money.

Redex is a fuel additive that works to remove build-up from fuel injectors and then keeps them clean and working properly. By adding Redex regularly, you can improve your fuel economy and engine life, saving you money at the gas station and auto parts store.

Redex works best if it is used regularly. It can be added any time but is usually added at the time of filing up your tank. How much you add is the big difference between a sedan and a motorcycle. Fortunately, according to the company website, there isn’t too much to fear when it comes to adding “too much” Redex to the engine. Though you should still aim for the “right” amount. 

How Much Redex Should Be Added To a Motorcycle?

The bottle will have instructions for adding fluid, but generally speaking, you should add approximately 2.5ml per 1l of fuel. The average motorcycle tank is around 4 gallons/15 liters, so you would add about 1.2oz/38ml of the system cleaner. It’s important that you know the size of your tank in order to get the actual benefit of the cleaner. 

So now that you’ve read up on the potential benefits of adding Redex to your tank, you may be looking to buy yourself a bottle. This can get tricky because the company offers several different products. Let’s look at how to choose the right product for your bike. 

Which Redex Product Should You Add To Your Motorcycle?

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Redex offers several products for petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines. They offer varying degrees of difference and figuring out which is right for you can be tiresome. There is a handy dandy infographic right over here that you can check out. We’ll also break down some of the differences between the products below so you can pick the right choice for you.

Redex Advanced Fuel System Cleaner

The Redex Advanced Fuel System Cleaner is likely where you will start if you are new to the fuel additive game. This upgraded version of the standard formula gives a more intensive clean and helps to chip away at any build-up. The product contains a “Friction Modifier” which lubricates the components in the combustion chamber, resulting in better performance. 

Redex Petrol System Cleaner

The Redex Petrol System Cleaner is the standard Redex product. Once you’ve used the advanced cleaner a few times, you can likely switch and start getting the best use from the standard cleaner. This is for regular use that should be added each time you fuel up. It reduces emissions, improves performance, and lengthens your engine life in the long run. 

Redex Lead Replacement Multidose

In the event that you have a classic or vintage vehicle that requires leaded fuel, then you’ll want to invest in Redex Lead Replacement Multidose. The lead replacement can be added to regular unleaded fuel to help keep those older parts lubricated and running smoothly. If you are caring for a classic, then this is for you. 

Redex Diesel System Cleaner

In the somewhat unlikely event that your motorcycle runs on diesel, then you will want to be sure to purchase one of Redex’s diesel system cleaners. This offers the same benefits mentioned above for the petrol system cleaner but is specifically designed to work with diesel engines. Mixing up the petrol and diesel cleaners could damage your engine. 

Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel Cleaning System

Much like the advanced petrol system above, this is the advanced version of the diesel cleaning system. If you haven’t used a fuel additive before, then you should get started here. You should use it every 3000 miles to boost power, reduce emissions, and lengthen engine life. 

Is Redex Worth Using?

Internet forums are quite divided on this issue. Some users claim to notice a little bump in performance, while others claim that Redex is glorified “snake oil.” If we are to take the company’s word for it, then we can feel confident that regularly using Redex will improve performance and engine life. 

Fuel quality at the pump has improved over time, but it is not always consistent. It can vary between different stations and providers. This is the main reason fuel additives came about. They create a more consistent and stable fuel quality you can trust. 

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of scientific consensus on the issue of whether or not these additives work as advertised. That being said, Redex has been around for nearly 100 years and continues to innovate. So while it is tough to find a rigorous scientific study about the benefits, we would say they are a company and a brand you can trust. 

Should Redex Products Be Combined or Use Separately?

Engines need a deep clean every now and then. The standard Redex system keeps things smooth, but sometimes you need a little extra. For the best results, you should use the system cleaner each time you fill up and toss in the advanced product every 3,000 miles. Much like a regular oil change, every few months the car can use that advanced boost. 

The Advanced System Cleaner can also be introduced leading up to an MOT or Ministry of Transport test in the UK. Redex also offers a product specifically designed to lower emissions leading up to the MOT. Using this in your vehicle in the days leading up to your MOT can reduce vehicle emissions and ensure a smooth passing test. 

In summary, even if you are using the standard system cleaner regularly, introducing it each time you fuel up, it can be beneficial to mix it up every now and then. Add the advanced cleaner every 3000 miles and consider the MOT prep product each year. Just like getting your oil changed, these regular maintenance boosts will help keep everything tip-top shape for the long run.

Should You Use Redex On Your Motorcycle?

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Redex is a safe and trustworthy fuel additive that any driver could add to clean things out and boost performance. With a nearly 100 year history, the company stands proudly beside its products and is confident in its benefits. 

Whether your motorcycle is your primary ride or more of a weekend toy, you’ll want to do what you can to be sure it lasts a long time. Regularly adding Redex to your tank will do just that. The improved performance saves you time and money at the pump and the shop. Your bike will pass an MOT with flying colors and be purring down those country roads for years to come. 


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