Do Motorcycle Vacuum Bags Work?


Every motorcycle rider loves their bike. They treat it as their baby, keep it clean, ride it with care, so it doesn’t get damaged and so on. Bike owners are all about keeping their motorcycles in the best shape for years to come so they can enjoy the ride. Being meticulous has been a common thread for motorcycle owners when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and typical care. One of the ways bike owners accomplish protecting their bike in the garage is with vacuum bags.

Do motorcycle vacuum bags work? Yes, motorcycle vacuum bags do work to protect bikes from moisture and other elements within a storage space. Although it can be difficult to insert the bike into the bag, once accomplished, it will serve to protect the bike.

This type of storage protection is unique. Like the vacuum bags used to store clothing for long periods of time (not recommended), vacuum bags for motorcycles are a great way to protect your bike when you’re storing it (recommended). Especially through the winter months when the bike isn’t going to be ridden for several months straight. It’s tricky to get a bike into the bag, but getting an extra hand to help will make things much easier before you store your road hog.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Bag

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So, it may seem like this could be a potentially difficult task. Which vacuum bags are going to be the right choice? The last thing you’ll want is to pick a bag that’s going to rip and completely defeat the purpose, leaving you to buy another bag or totally give up. Look at the reviews. See what other people are saying about the vacuum bags you’re checking out before purchasing. The great news is that vacuum bags are cheap, you could actually buy a few options without spending more than $25 or $30.

Most of the options you’re going to come across are going to be reusable too. If you carefully insert your bike into the bag for storage and remove it with proper care, you can use the vacuum bag again next time you need to store the bike. It’s not a bad idea to keep a couple of spares around just in case, but if you take care of the bag you’re storing your bike in you’ll have no problems reusing it time and again.

After doing some research and determining which options may be best, here are some of the brands that you should consider when picking a motorcycle vacuum bag:

  • Vac-Bag
  • Drisorb
  • Carcoon

There aren’t a ton of options available in the marketplace, but they are reliable options. The most commonly used motorcycle vacuum bag is the one made by Vac-Bag. At an affordable price, this bag has good durability and will keep your bike moisture free for as long as you want to store it. The exterior elements that would typically damage your bike and cause potential corrosion won’t stand a chance if you choose any of the brands listed above.

Other Motorcycle Storing Options

Deluxe Motorcycle Cover

Check price on Amazon

Using a vacuum bag isn’t your only option when it comes to storing your bike, either. There are some other great options that will protect your bike for as long as you want to store it, and you will not need to worry a bit about the motorcycle becoming damaged. Prices vary for some of the options we’ll cover, but the bottom line is asking yourself what kind of protection you want for your bike and how much you’re willing to spend. We’ve found that bike owners love their ride so much, they’ll spend whatever is necessary to keep that steel horse clean and functional.

One of the relatable options that we came across in regard to our vacuum bag options is the “bike bubble.” Essentially working in somewhat of an opposite fashion, the bike bubble essentially creates a protective, inflated bubble around your bike so you can keep it protected. These have what’s called an “active airflow feature”. Meaning that the air can freely move through the bubble so damaging elements don’t become trapped within the bubble. Although it looks counterintuitive in regard to trapping air inside, it is quite effective for bike storage. The price tag on these will be higher, but they’re still a great option.

Bike Shield

Bike Shield

Bike Shield on Amazon

Bike Shield also makes a great storage option for any motorcycle. This setup is a little different than our previous options in that it mainly functions as a tent for your bike. The price tag on these is a little higher than our vacuum bags as well, but they are an excellent option for extended storage of your motorcycle.

It also comes with a cross plate that keeps your bike in place and uses an aerodynamic system to provide a covering around your entire bike that will serve to keep out the damaging elements. There are other brands that have these available, too, so check out those reviews and see which is best. 

If you have a storage unit or garage that remains safe, clean, and dry, a simple motorcycle cover can be a good option too. Just be sure that you know what kind of environment the bike will be stored in. Having a good idea of the moisture levels and intrusive elements will give you a clear-cut idea of how to store your bike.

When you pick a cover, be sure to choose one made of a great, thick material that isn’t going to fall apart on you after a year. Choose a reliable bike cover, perhaps one made by your motorcycle manufacturer, that is going to last for years to come, and that will protect your motorcycle from any dings or scratches.

To Conclude, Be Safe

Motorcycles are a ton of fun for any avid rider. Even a beginner is going to get a great kick out of getting on a bike and feeling its power. We love our bikes and want to take care of them, so they last for years. Every ride should be one of sheer pleasure, feeling the wind on the open road no matter where it is that you’re headed. But it is always going to be a number one priority to play it safe. Even the most experienced bikers know the risks they run when it comes to riding.

Always be sure to sport your protective gear every time you get on your bike. Do a check of your vehicle to ensure that it’s in good working order before you hit the pavement. And always make certain to ride defensively.

We just never know what other drivers are going to do when they’re out on the road, so always be on defense and ride with caution. You can never be too careful out there when your body doesn’t have the metal cage of protection you get with a car. So, just play it safe. Always. And be sure to always have fun when you’re out there riding.

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