Why Wear Motorcycle Gloves When You’re Out Riding


The anatomy of the human hand is layered with intricate designing to help you perform the most nimble of tasks.

The bones present in the hand are of three types:

  • Phalanges: The 14 bones present in the fingers
  • Metacarpal Bones: The 5 bones that comprise the middle part
  • Carpal Bones: The 8 bones that comprise the wrist

These bones have been working together with the muscular and nervous system throughout history to perform tasks that pushed our race forward.

As you can tell, hands are a pretty big deal. So they need to be taken care of.

In the event of a crash when traveling at high speeds, the first part of your body that comes in contact with the road are your hands. All of the momentum your body carries is suddenly transferred to your hands the moment they hit the ground. Without protection, the skin (especially on the heel of your palms) is going to be scraped off.


Motorcycle gloves may be expensive compared to other kinds of gloves, but that’s because of the specialized stitching present. Which is architectured with the ergonomics to optimize the safety of your hands and the handling of your bike.

Every sage investment pays in dividends over time. If you’re asking yourself: why wear motorcycle gloves? Consider the savings in private healthcare potentially saved by gloves.

4 Reasons To Wear Gloves 

Motorcycle Gloves on a Harley
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1. The specialist design

The stitching of a glove is such that it makes sure everything from the transition between seams to the knuckles to the palms to the back of the hand is protected.

The palms of your gloves come with low friction “palm sliders”. Their job is in the name- they help your glove move along with your body along the road.

The knuckles of your hand come with adequate armor that takes a lot of the pressure off the impact and provides abrasion resistance.

2. You will never know when you fall

“How do I become comfortable with driving?”

“You keep doing it for 5 years until you get a false sense of confidence” my brother quipped.

He meant it as a joke, but there’s a certain degree of truth to that. Unless you’ve been in a major accident, you consider yourself immune to such happenings- until they happen to you.

Apart from wearing gloves- helmets, jackets, pants, and boots tailored specifically for motorcycles should all be part of your riding gear.

3. With the right glove, your grip improves massively

Other than safety and style, most motorcycle gloves are also designed such that your hands are likely to become much less numb.

This is a safety feature in an of itself.

Arm fatigue is a phenomenon known by every rider- but gloves help take that crushing, possible risk-causing pain by absorbing the pressure imbibed.

4. They can look really cool

Aesthetics should not be your first priority when looking for safety equipment- but they count.

In fact, my obsession with motorcycles was catalyzed by this college kid who lived down my lane, when as a teenager I saw him take off his gloves every time while reaching for a cigarette as he sat on his motorcycle, talking to his girlfriend.

Want to learn more about gloves?

Leather gloves are stylish
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We do articles on all kinds of motorcycle gear. But knowing how underestimated the importance of gloves is by a lot of people in the community, we’ve done a myriad of articles on gloves, as shown below:

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A personal event prompted me to author this article.

This happened to a friend of mine who considered herself immune to accidents (with an attitude similar to what I had mentioned earlier in the article) because she was always cautious. One day, the coolant spilled from an overheated car in front of her- with her motorcycle-riding over it. She tipped over and she fell.

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Borrowing from above, the Gerbing 12V is the perfect compromise between quality and price for a glove that heats your grip- which is also why it’s one of the most popular.

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Now, most gloves are pretty warm in and of themselves, but in Russian level colds, they can’t really hold their own.

For this article, we went through thousands of hours of reviews, both by customers and enthusiasts, on battery-powered heated gloves.


Gloves not only protect your hands- they protect your bank account. Something most people gloss over.

But as is the case with everything else, you need to know what you’re looking for before you jump the gun on your first pair of gloves.

Which you can, because we’re going to help you out 

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