Klim Induction Jacket Review (2019)


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Riding is the road to freedom. This raw feeling of wind passing by you as you cruise down the highway or just an ordinary road is something words cannot explain. Riding is an art, and as every artist needs proper colors to put on the brush, every rider needs proper riding gears to feel the freedom. Let’s dive into the details of the Klim Induction Jacket.

Mesh Jackets

On regular riding and hot weather riding, Mesh jackets are the way to go. They let in a lot of air, and are also so comfortable to ride in almost every type of riding situation. But, in most of the cases, Mesh is not always welcomed mainly because of their lack of water-protection and reliability. This is where this motorcycle jacket comes in.

Klim Induction Jacket has been around for a really good amount of time, and the focus behind developing this jacket was great airflow, comfort and most importantly, durability.

It’s no secret that Mesh is the category to go for an all-weather riding jacket, especially for motorcycle travelers who need to have air going inside the jacket all the time. But, by definition mesh jackets always have a chance to tear or wear out quickly, and reliability is always a thing to be concerned about when you are a petrol head. Klim Induction Jacket is a different breed among the whole category, and we are going to discuss why.

The Design and Aesthetics

At first glance at a jacket, nobody notices the material, the stitches, or the compartments — they look at the design. And, in this case, this has a really great design.

It has a simple and minimalist design and doesn’t attract attention so often. The Blue, Black and Light Grey variants are really pleasant to the eyes. The HI-VIS version does what it was designed to do, grab the attention and make the rider visible.

Klim has its own developed mesh spread throughout the front and the back of the jacket and also arms and upper area. In the neck area, it has a fleece-lined soft collar that provides comfort and style. There is reflective material all around the jacket. The reflective panels are 3m Scotchlite reflective material, which is one of the best in industry.

These reflective materials are placed in the front and back of the shoulder area, along with the arm, the hand, and at the lower side of the back area. These give out great visibility of the rider and also the overall design of the reflective material looks cool.

Klim Induction Jacket Hi-Vis
HI VIS version

The Material

The Jacket is a bomber mesh jacket. Its mesh material is not any ordinary mesh, but proprietary Klim Karbonite mesh is a material developed by Klim. This material is one of the reasons why this is so different from other similar jackets in terms of reliability, comfort, and price.

It’s considered one of the toughest mesh material out there. Klim claims it to be 750% stronger than regular mesh, and the claim is more or less approved by most of the existing users. It is also UV resistant, which means it will last better in those long summer rides.

The key point of this Karbonite mesh is that it is heavily abrasion and tear-resistant. And, its unique technology allows it to have better air flow to keep the rider cool and comfy.

Apart from the mesh sections, the jacket has 840D Nylon textile on the abrasion zones — the elbow and the shoulder area to prevent abrasion or any kind of tear. The entire jacket is built with Klim rhino stitch construction technology which allows it to be more durable and resistant to tread wear or similar problems.

Underneath all these, it has a comfort liner inside. This liner is not removable, though it is extremely breathable and comfortable.

The Protection

Klim Induction jacket comes with D3O Level 1 armor at the elbows, shoulder and at the back. These D3O armors are one of the most breathable armors available currently, and their soft and flexible characteristics ensure great safety. These are really lightweight and low profile, so they blend well inside the jacket. The rider never feels like he is carrying even a single ounce extra.

Klim Induction Jacket: Attention to detail

The jacket was developed with so much attention to every detail, it can easily win the competition on becoming the best mesh riding jacket currently available. It has moderate storage options — two zippered pockets at the lower hand position, a relatively small pocket at the chest which also includes a waterproof pouch inside, and a tiny zippered pocket in the hand. There is also a pocket inside the liner which is even more secure and can be used for important papers of other things.

The zippers are from YKK and the pullers are from Hypalon. The jacket’s ergonomics are on the longer side, and it fits and covers the rider comfortably. It has two quick-adjust forearm straps, which allows the rider to adjust the hand of the jacket. It has a Fleece-lined soft collar for good comfort and a softer feel.

Klim Induction Jacket Black


In simple words, This Jacket is really a state-of-the-art jacket for any type of motorcycle rider or traveler. It is tough, strong and also greatly ventilated at the same time. It is comfortable, has a good fitting to most.

The jacket has high visibility color options as well as minimalistic black, silver and blue colors. Yet all the options have reflective zones with materials that ensure visibility. In terms of safety, it has the D3O Level 1 armor round the key impact zones.

Although it may be on a different price point than its competitors, it is far ahead than all of them and delivers so much more than it costs. It is one of the best summer jackets for almost all types of rider.

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