Klim adventure pants compared – Dakar, Mohave, and Outrider


Today we are going to talk about 3 motorcycle pants and discuss their differences. All 3 of them are from the same brand Klim. Some of you might like only one of these. Others just 2 of these Klim pants. And we are sure there will be people among our readers who will absolutely love all 3 of the pants and will see their use in different situations. 

If you are wondering which 3 of the motorcycle pants we are going to discuss today those are Klim Dakar pants, Klim Mojave pants, and Klim Outrider Pants. We will start with the descriptions for each of these and then we will move comparisons and drawing attention on the differences. Read on!

Klim Dakar pants

Klim Dakar pants front
Klim Dakar Pants

The first one of the Klim pants we are going to discuss today is Dakar pants. These are one of the best adventure riding pants at this price point.

There are 2 versions of the Klim Dakar Pants: the over-the-boot and in-the-boot. The sizes range from 30 to 42 for the pants and it also has waist adjusters to make sure it fits perfectly on each person, whatever they think is perfect for them.

Over-the-boot version 

There are several different types of material used on these pants. There is the 840D Cordura used for the main construction of the pants. The pants also have 600D and 500D used along both the front and the backside of the pants. 

Another material used on these Klim pants is the 4-way stretch material. What it does is that it stretches all 4 ways making the pants feel more natural on your body.

On the waist of these Klim Dakar pants, there is a silicone gripper panel from the inside of the pants to make sure the waist doesn’t slide down and the jerseys stay tucked inside the pants. 

Moving down you will find 2 ventilation points moving along the outer thighs. These have zippers that allow you to adjust to the weather. If you want more air going through the pants while riding you can unzip the vents. And if it’s chilly outside you will be able to zip up those vents to block the airflow. 

Klim Dakar pants don’t come with in-built armor, however, they have pad pockets both on the knees and the hips. You’ll need to buy the pads separately.

On the inner part of the leg, you will find these Dakar pants to have leather layers. This is mostly to maximize the grip of the bike while riding. 

As these are over-the-boot pants, the guys at Klim added Velcros at the bottom to make sure you can adjust them. You are also able to make the pants as tight around your boot as you want. 

The Velcro panels are hidden under the fabric. And right on top of it, there are small reflective panels to add a little reflectability. 

And at last, you will have 2 cargo pockets with YKK-zippers on each thigh.  

In-the-boot version 

These are almost the same as the over-the-boot version with a few minor differences. First of all, they don’t have that base Velcro adjuster as they are already going to be in the boot.

Another difference between the 2 versions of the Klim Dakar Pants is that this one doesn’t have pad pockets on the hips and knees. To add protection when riding in these pants you will have to use stand-alone armor.

And at last, it has more youthful and brighter colors than the over-the-boot version.

The use of these features all together makes Klim Dakar Pants more flexible, comfortable and durable. All the zippers are glove-friendly and you can find several color combinations for these pants. Check out the Klim website to choose the colors.

Klim Mojave Pants

Klim Mojave Pants Light Grey
Klim Mojave Pants

The Klim Mojave Pants are another pair of great pants at around the same price point. These also have the over-the-boot and in-the-boot versions, the over-the-boot version being slightly more expensive than the other. 

On these pants, you will find many mesh sections such as on the upper part of the front and the inner thighs to maximize the airflow. The vents here are not controlled which automatically makes these Klim pants more suited for warmer weather areas. 

Mojave Pants use 4 different types of material:

  • 800D Cordura at the impact zones, the knees, and the seat.
  • 600D over the top of the pockets.
  • 500D at the rips on the bottom
  • 4-way stretch material for the flex zones(crotch, back of the legs and knees).

Klim Mojave Pants also have the pad pockets on the knees, with no pads inside. If you get these pants you will have to get the pads separately. To add more protection and stickiness to the bike they’ve added large leather panels from the inside of the legs. 

You will also find 2 cargo pockets on the thighs and 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the back of the leg. 

At last, they feature a silicon panel on the inside of the waistband. Velcro waist adjusters as well as base adjustments for the over-the-boots version of the pants.

The in-the-boot version of these Klim pants have no pad pockets and no Velcro adjusters on the bottom.

Klim Outrider Pants

Klim Outrider Pants black front
Klim Outrider Pants

The Outrider pants are substantially different from the other two that are presented above. These are American cut, heavy-duty pants for any activity from bike riding to working in the garage. It comes in a tall size and is made of nylon/cotton with Cordura canvas construction.

The pants have double layers in the front to add durability, and a part of these double layers also works as pockets for the armor. Unlike the other 2 pants presented above this one comes with its own D3O CE-Level 1 armor. The armor can be easily removed from the pockets and it has slight adjustability. The armor pockets also have the snap to keep the armor in place. 

Again, unlike the other 2 Klim pants, these Outriders are not vented but it will feel comfortable because of the cotton. Another interesting thing to note is the triple stitching all over the pants which add more durability to the pants.

There are only a few colors available for Klim Outrider Pants so go to their website to see which one you like the most.


So now, as we have already discussed all 3 of the Klim Pants in detail, let’s understand what are the major differences between Klim Dakar pants, Klim Mojave pants, and Klim Outrider pants. 

First of all the Dakar pants and Mojave pants are very similar to each other except that the Mojave pants have more ventilation and as a result will have more air flowing through. The Dakar pants, on the other hand, have only half of the ventilation points of what the Mojave has. 

Also, you can control the vents on the Dakar pants but we can’t say the same for the Mojave. This being said, we think that depending on where and in what weather you live you can choose one of these as your riding pants. If you are picky about the colors you can also make your choice by the color, as the colors differ when going from one pant to another as well as from over-the-boot version to in-the-boot version.

Klim Outrider pants back
Klim Outrider pants back

Let’s take a look at the Klim Outrider pants. These are very different from the other two. As we’ve already mentioned, unlike the other two it doesn’t have ventilation points, it’s made of nylon/cotton, not as many adjusters and fewer colors. But is very durable and has 6 pockets, which you can utilize the way you see fit. 


At last, let’s talk about the sizing of these pants. It would be reasonable to measure yourself and choose the size of your pants according to those measurements and not according to the size of the jeans you usually wear. It is advisable to take 3 measurements when choosing the pants: the waist, the hip, and seat, as well as the inseam. 

This might feel a bit difficult, but lucky for us Klim has a detailed size chart and fit wizard for every product page. There you will find detailed instructions on how to measure yourself and how to choose your size.

All you have to do now is to choose which one you like the most and which will be the best fit for your lifestyle. 

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