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Motorcycle riding gear can be uncomfortable, to say the least. In many instances, it is also not the type of clothing that makes you look fashionable or casual. Sometimes you may want to look appropriate for a meet up with friends, as well as on the track with your bike. 

Comfortable riding gear is not easy to find. If you add the requirement of it looking casual, you may spend years looking for just the right one. There are many different types of riding clothes that may look casual at first, but rarely are once you put them on. Even worse, they look good but lack protective materials critical for any rider. 

We took to trying out the most casual and comfortable gear on the market, and we believe we have found a worthy shirt to discuss. The Oxford Kickback shirt claims to be relaxed, comfortable to wear, and protective. In this review, we will go through its features to see if it really delivers what it claims.

What It’s All About?

Oxford Kickback Shirt

The Oxford Kickback shirt is touted as the perfect casual motorcycle riding top for any occasion. Not only will it look good when you head to town, but it will also save your skin if you happen to take a fall. 

The manufacturers even included a few different styles to make sure you have a perfect option no matter where you go. It will look great with any form of riding pants or jeans. You can wear it tucked in or keep it untucked for an even more casual look. 

The Oxford shirt sticks out with its vintage style and classic flannel good looks. Flannel is as casual and fresh as it gets when it comes to riding shirts. The lumberjack style reminds you of the classic American, laidback, grilling in their backyard on a Saturday afternoon. 

Overall, this shirt is meant to look casual while still holding up if you happen to slide out. It is reinforced in all the key places motorcycle riders need. We will give you a thorough review below to see if this product is something that will work for you. 

Key Features

Oxford Kickback Shirt

We will now discuss all of the relevant features that make this shirt stand out. Everyone wants to know what the highlights are, so if you are looking for the short version, this is where you need to be.

Kevlar Lined

One of the main features, as well as the most protective, is the Kevlar lined interior. The Oxford Kickback features 100 percent Kevlar on the inside. The interior is lined with a polyester mesh covering, which will keep you cool in the summer months. 

The Kevlar lining offers the utmost protection while still allowing your skin to breathe below it. One issue that people usually have with a typical flannel shirt is in its thickness. It can be hot in the summer. We all know how hard it is to wear standard riding jackets in warm weather, too. 

The mesh lining is the perfect remedy to maintain an acceptable temperature. The Oxford shirt allows for lightweight protection while maintaining a casual look. 

Pockets For Additional Armor 

When it comes down to it, protection is the most critical factor when it comes to motorcycle clothes. Comfort is secondary to making sure we stay safe on the road. 

Another critical feature that we loved was the addition of pockets in the elbows and back of the shirt for adding extra armor. Although sold separately, it comes at a reasonable cost. This option is a must-have for those taking long bike rides out of town.

Even after adding armor, the Kickback still felt very comfortable and mobile. The elbow pads were not excessively restrictive when added to the shirt. We were still able to have the full range of motion without looking like we were wearing a medieval suit of armor. 

The ability to add back armor was also appealing since many falls end up with a direct slide on your back. The pocket for adding the back armor was slightly smaller than average. However, it is meant to cover your spine in case of an accident, which is the essential part. 

When we added the back armor padding, we could feel it was present, but on a reasonable level. It didn’t inhibit movement, and it wasn’t very noticeable when switching to the bike mode. The great thing about having the lightweight armor pockets is that you can quickly jump off your bike, remove the pads, and put them in your bag when going out. 

Water-Resistant Coating 

We have all been caught in the rain while out for a ride. Most of us will confidently say that it is not fun nor safe. 

The added feature of a waterproof coating on this jacket is an excellent benefit. While it is not entirely watertight, the water-resistant qualities did hold up to light afternoon drizzle. However, if you get stuck in a downpour for an extended period, you will end up getting soaked. 

Full Front Zipper

While this may seem like an arbitrary feature, when testing out this jacket, we enjoyed that the front was a full zipper covered by a flap with buttons. 

When you’re in a riding position, buttons have a tendency to come undone. This is not the safest way to ride. You don’t want your shirt flying open when you are reaching top speed. 

With this product, even if you managed to have a button slip while riding, you are still protected with a full zipper. The zipper is discretely hidden under a flap with traditional flannel style snaps. This is both stylish and functional. 

Internal And External Pockets

We love pockets in motorcycle gear. The inclusion of interior pockets is a fantastic feature. It leaves a place to stash your phone and wallet without worrying about it falling out. 

The external box type pockets on this jacket help create that general lumberjack flannel aesthetic while still being functional. They include snaps that allow for easy access and security. 

Belt Loops

Shirts and jackets tend to ride up your back when you’re leaning forward to ride. When you extend your arms to the handlebars, you often have to reach back to pull down your shirt or jacket. It can be both annoying and dangerous. 

The Oxford Kickback shirt features belt loops to remedy this situation. You can attach the shirt to your belt to prevent it from sliding up. More importantly, this feature ensures that your shirt will not come up if you take a fall and slide. It can undoubtedly prevent road rash on your torso. 

Pros & Cons

What we liked

  • Full Kevlar lining for protection
  • Elbow and back pockets for
    additional armor
  • Water-resistant coating to keep you dry 
  • Full front zipper covered by a
    flap with buttons 
  • Internal and external pockets for style and stashing your belongings 
  • Belt loops

What We Didn’t Like

  • No collar buttons for keeping the collar down while riding 
  • Some of the snaps seemed to
    wear out quickly
  • No hand pockets included 

What to Expect

Oxford Kickback Shirt

When purchasing the Oxford Kickback shirt, you can expect to get a fully functioning, ready to wear riding jacket combined with a casual shirt. This is genuinely a two-in-one product. 

You can wear it on your bike without worrying about protection. Even if you happen to take a nasty fall, you will still be fully protected by the Kevlar lining. The additional armor pockets are great for keeping you extra safe as well. 

Besides, you will get a stylish shirt to go out in. Not only does it look fantastic with a pair of riding pants or jeans, but it is also extremely comfortable for off-the-bike wear. 

Who Is It For?

The Oxford Kickback shirt is for riders who want a comfortable and casual product that protects them at the same time. Whether you are going out with friends or for a midnight ride, you will have a shirt for every occasion. 

It is also perfect for people who want to keep their options open. It comes in an attractive flannel pattern as well as a smooth and sleek solid color option. 

Overall, you can expect fantastic quality from Oxford. They have been creating quality products on the riding market for quite some time. In this particular product, you can expect quality, comfort, casual, and protection. Those are four of our favorite words when it comes to motorcycle gear. 

Oxford Kickback Shirt – Conclusion

After careful consideration, we would confidently recommend this shirt to anyone looking for a casual and comfortable jacket. In our opinion, you can easily pull off this shirt when going out for a laid back drink with friends. 

Although a few small details were missing from the overall design, we still think that at this price, it is a steal. The lack of collar snap-down buttons was a small inconvenience. The buttons on the outer pockets could use some reinforcement, but we don’t think that is a dealbreaker. 

The shirt comes at a reasonable price, which, as you know, most motorcycle gear does not. We recommend picking up your favorite style of this product and giving it a try now that our Oxford Kickback shirt review gave you all the reasons to do it. 

With many options to choose from, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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