Rev’it Sand 3 Gloves Review


In this article, we will discuss Rev’It Sand 3 Gloves, which are one of the latest motorcycle summer gloves in the market. We will cover every aspect of them to make it easier for you to understand if you and Sand 3 are a match.
I will start by presenting the inner part of the gloves then move to the external part and the protection.

So let’s get to it.

Rev’It Sand 3 gloves are one of the 3 Sand 3 pieces that Rev’It offers to its customers for adventure motorcycles. The gloves are complementary to the Sand 3 Jacket and Sand 3 Trousers. You can check those two if you are looking for a complete Sand 3 outfit. There is also a Sand 3 Ladies available, although this one has sizes both for men and women.

Inside the Rev’it Sand 3 gloves

The Sand 3 gloves come with the “tri-fleece” liner inside. For those of you who are not familiar with the material, let me elaborate a little. Tri-fleece is basically a liner made of polyester used mostly inside the gloves. The difference between this and ordinary polyester fabric is that it is brushed to provide additional warmth. The fabric also absorbs the liquid to keep your hands dry while riding.

Colors and Sizing

Revit sand 3 gloves red

Rev’It Sand 3 gloves come in 4 different colors: black, black-silver, black-red, and black-sand. 3 of the 4 colors are very similar to each other when comparing the palms of the gloves. The black, black-silver and black-red have black leather on the palm area, where only 2 seam lines on the palms are different (black, silver or red). The sand color, however, has brown leather on the palm. Even though the brown color is different on the palm, it doesn’t mean that the sand color is advantageous. It only gives a slight difference in the look. The only color that might have some advantage over the others is the black – silver, as those sliver parts give more visibility to the glove.


Sand 3 is offered in sizes XS to 4XL for men and XS to XL for women. I believe most of the users didn’t have any issues with the size of the glove as there are exact hand measurements on the size chart. However, before taking the gloves for a ride, it would be a good idea to wear them at home a few days to let the gloves get the shape of your hands. Many claim that after that, the gloves will feel like a second skin for you.

Materials, Protection Ventilation

The external part of the gloves is constructed using multiple materials. Rev’It uses 500D PWR fabric right behind their brand name, a little below the wrist which covers up until the upper end of the thumb. The same fabric is also used to connect the fingers. According to the Rev’It website dictionary, the PWR fabric is knitted using a special technique which enhances the resistance of the fabric acting as a shield at the palm. For the seams of the Sand 3 gloves, Rev’It has used PWR yarn which is a nylon thread. Usually, you will find nylon threads to be 3-wired, however, Rev’It uses 4-wired thread to bring great, abrasion resistance and breaking strength to the table.

Thermo Plastic Rubber

The TPR knuckle protector on the outer shell of the glove gives extra protection to the hands while being very flexible. The TPR is not only placed on the knuckles but also on other parts of the gloves. You will have TPR on the upper parts of the fingers and the heel of the hand. There are 2 additional little pieces of TPR on the outside of the little finger to give it extra protection when touching the road.

A disadvantage of the TPR material is that it has the tendency to grub every surface it touches. So it might not be able to ensure a controlled slide during a fall. Besides the TPR, PWR, and mesh, the rest of the glove is made of goatskin, which gives softness and durability at the same time.


I agree. The gloves are to protect the hands in case of an accident. However, we spend most of our time on the bike without accidents which means the gloves should feel good when wearing. One of the major reasons why you might or might not like how the gloves feel when riding is ventilation. In hot weather conditions, the proper ventilation system of the glove or anything else you wear is crucial.

Rev’it Sand 3 airflow

Sand 3 gloves have air stretch mesh on the back of the glove. But that’s not all. The main glove protection on Rev’It Sand 3 is the ventilated TPR injected knuckles. It is layered on top of the air stretch mesh and has cuts on it as part of the basic design of the TPR. The mesh lets in the airflow by default and those cuts on the TPR don’t block the air.

The only issue with this is that they are built for hot weather riding and it will get chilly for your hands in colder areas but that’s to be expected.

Other features

Revit sand 3 gloves sand

On the fingertips of the glove, Rev’It has used connect fingertip leather so that the riders can easily use their smart devices without getting the gloves off.

What’s more, the glove is very elastic a feels soft, making it more comfortable to wear. Outside stitching makes Rev’It Sand 3 glove much a comfortable fit for the hand. Outside stitching helps remove all the possible pressure points to the hand and the fingers particularly making it nice and smooth from the inside.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rev’it Sand 3 gloves are a great choice of gloves at its price. Despite the minor drawbacks it might have, this is a fine product to consider for purchase. At this price point, Rev’It offers lots of protection, ventilation, and nice feel.

Now that you know all about Rev’It Sand 3 gloves it’s time to decide if it is the right fit for you and if you really want to bring it to your biking outfit.

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