Olympia Bradley Jacket Review


Olympia Bradley Jacket Review - Black
Olympia Bradley Jacket Black

Olympia Bradley jacket has a vintage cool roadster styling combined with motorcycle specific design. It looks much more contemporary compared to their other jackets and looks really nice with jeans. While there are jackets that only look appropriate when riding or on the bike, Olympia Bradley’s look is good enough to be off the bike too. Read on for the full Olympia Bradley Jacket Review.

There are hundreds of possible combinations of different features in a jacket. Olympia has tried to bring together all of the best features for this price point

We’ve delved into the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Bradley jacket to save you the time of research before you make your buying decision.

The shell

Olympia Bradley is a 2 season jacket focused on warmer weather. It is made of 600D abrasion resistant EVO thread fabric and has mesh panels to facilitate the airflow. They say that the mesh panels are ballistic. But we wouldn’t recommend taking a bullet hopping that the Bradley jacket will help you survive the shot. What the word ballistic means here is that the mesh on the jacket is strong enough to keep your Bradley from ripping off in the event of a crush.  

The mesh lets in massive airflow, and if you are not carrying a backpack on your back, you won’t feel sweaty at speed. However, on the hot weather when parking or just standing, you might get sweaty in the jacket. 

On the Bradley jacket, the reflective piping is well integrated into the jacket design. You can find the piping all over the jacket; in the front and the back and sides.

Pockets and zippers

One of the best features of the Olympia Bradley jacket is that it has many pockets. All of them are very large, with a lot of storage space. 

There are 2 chest pockets with 2 snaps each to make sure everything you store inside stays safe until the end of your ride.
You will also have two hand pockets with zippers and will find an oversized interior pocket. An additional advantage to the big external pockets is that it is easy to open and close the pockets with gloved hands. 

On the back of the jacket, there is an 8-inch zipper to connect the jacket to your pants. All the zippers on the Olympia Bradley jacket are from YKK.

The zippers are all smooth, and the pockets are logically placed. There is one minor detail about the zippers that might be a bit uncomfortable for some people.

The main zipper of the Bradley jacket in the front doesn’t have a lock on the top. So when you leave the collar velcro open, the zipper tends to slide down.


One of the major selling points for the Olympia Bradley jacket is the CE level 2 armor. For other jackets, you might have considered changing to a much better armor right after buying it. Bradley comes with a CE level 2 armor as its standard offering.  

The armor itself is very soft and elastic. You can try to bend and flex it every way possible, and nothing will happen. It doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable at all. In fact, the armor feels so soft against your body as if there is no armor at all. The only thing that might remind you about the armor is that you might get a little sweaty under the back armor.  But only some people will experience that.


The Olympia Bradley jacket comes with a full sleeve waterproof liner to block the rain and the wind while riding. This liner has 2 unique features that some of you will find interesting.
First, the liner can be worn both from inside and from the outside. When the rain is too much, and you want neither you nor the jacket to get wet, you can wear the liner on the jacket and protect both you and the jacket.

The second interesting thing about the jacket is that Olympia has given some design to the liner, as it will also be worn on the outside. 
Sometimes, if needed, you can use the jacket solo even off the bike.

As mentioned in the beginning, Olympia Bradley is a 2 season jacket. But because it has a lot of adjusters, you will be able to put 1 more layer from underneath the jacket and use it as a 4 season jacket.

Colors, Sizing and other details 

Olympia Bradley Jacket Review - Green
Olympia Bradley Jacket on Green

Bradley comes in colors grey, black, and army for every size. You can find this Olympia jacket in as many sizes as from size S to size 4XL. Although, there is something you should be paying attention to when purchasing the jacket. The jackets are half a size bigger than their actual size. So, before buying the jacket it would be a great idea to measure yourself, and match with each of the jacket seizes to see which one will fit you best. 

A slight issue that many people seem to be complaining about is the sleeve length, which is a bit longer than the size. But that’s where the adjusters come in. There are plenty of adjusters on this Olympia jacket.  

First of all, you will find big velcro adjusters on the wrists and two more on the elbows. And even if the sleeves feel a little too long for your body,  you can snitch the straps to keep the armor and the sleeves where they supposed to be.

But there are many more adjusters to come. You can find torso snap adjusters for 2 different sizes on both sides. A little lower on the jacket you will find long velcro waist adjusters from both sides. Right behind the waist adjuster, you will find a zipper from each side for the jacket size expansion.

The collar itself closes with a velcro panel, and it has some velcro inside of the collar. It is designed to attach the neck adjuster to the inner part of the collar to keep the neat look of the jacket. However, when the collar is closed, and you are not wearing the liner from the inside, the velcro on the inner part of the collar touches your neck. For some people, it doesn’t feel comfortable, others are okay with it. So you might want to check the feel for yourself and see if it’s a dealbreaker for you.  

Olympia Bradley Jacket Review Conclusion

Let’s sum up by pointing out that Olympia is offering the Bradley jacket with so many features for an affordable price. The CE level 2 armor, ballistic mesh, 600D abrasion resistant EVO thread fabric, 10 size adjusters, the liner that can be used both from inside and outside, as well as the ample pockets. 

If you are looking to buy a 2-season jacket and like the style of this one we’d recommend going for it.

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