Stunning Streamliner: WMC250EV is a 250 mph electric warp machine


Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines,” said once Enzo Ferrari. We wish he could have lived the day to see how engines and aerodynamics in unison are pushing the performance envelope of automobiles today to staggering limits. With Formula 1 cars now producing a downforce of 5 G’s and MotoGP motorcycle growing winglets to keep the violent front end down- aerodynamics have been the redefining horizons of automotive performance. And while the Covid19 pandemic has put brakes on global movement, White Motorcycle Concepts, on the other is looking forward to shattering the national and world land speed records for an electric motorcycle.


Enter the White Motorcycle Concepts WMC250EV- a hitherto ground-breaking design with one sole aim- to maximize air-slip and blast past the 400 kph mark! The humongous Venturi duct (named V-Air) takes center-stage in aerodynamics on the motorcycle that claims to reduce drag by 70%. Compared to the benchmark drag co-efficient set by the Suzuki Hayabusa at around 0.36, the WMC250EV betters it at 0.11.


The WMC250EV is a two-wheel-drive motorcycle featuring the D-Drive with two 20kWh batteries powering the center-steered front wheel with regenerative braking juicing up the batteries while dropping anchors. The rear wheel propelled by two 30kWh battery units takes the total power tally to 100kWh (134 bhp in conventional measure). Though these numbers might appear far from impressive and the bike weighing around 300 kgs- in comparison, the current crop of middle-weight motorcycles produce similar power at half the weight. But with the revolutionary aero at the helm, White Motorcycle concepts are confident to fly past the 250 mph mark shattering the previous record set by Max Biaggi astride the Voxam Wattman at 366.94 kph.

The V-Air concept is already planned to be implemented on a road-going prototype based on the Yamaha Tricity 300, it would be interesting to see all the radical innovations trickle down to commercial vehicles in the near future. Improved aerodynamics, longer battery range, and maybe two-wheel-drive systems with regenerative braking- but still looks like a motorcycle and hopefully not a rover on a Mars mission.

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